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The Equivalent

This is a poem I wrote about a month ago (May 11th 2014) and published on Bubblews. I am now posting it here.

You see pink mayhem with every passing moment,
turning the tragic into the absurd and henceforth abiding,
wondering and turning and toiling and turning,
the thunders whines and curses,
the rain gives and takes,
the time that was was not and never was not,
if you can say that you can know that,
but you can not understand,
because you lack understanding,
because understanding requires something you lack,
the thunder calls you names and stuffs you in a metaphorical locker,
not a school locker,
a locker of the deepest abyss,
that abyss of a lost sailor,
what is your problem?

There have been too many manys and two of them are too many to see a light.

There was a time that was not a time because it was and was not at the same time.

If that last line makes you confused why then do you let the media, religions, and politicians constantly deceive you with the equivalent?

Photo is mine

originally published by myself on Bubblews at this link

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Laura-n-Sasha wrote on June 12, 2014, 2:22 AM

I was not sure we could do this, to use old posts here on Persona Paper. I guess we can.

markgordonbrown wrote on June 12, 2014, 2:34 PM

Laura-n-Sasha it is okay if we post to the original article to prove they are our own work.