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The Bible in silver spoon and platter

Bible scholars and teachers tell us that the Bible ties up with conjectures. My guess is, and we can just assume, that these scholars have concluded that the Bible lacks evidences or proofs. And that their scholarly statement about the Bible is presented in their viewpoint (quite delineating, really), Western culture and ideas.

I'm suspicious about their school of thought. Real good teachers, to me, point eager students of the Bible, like me, into discovering the hidden meanings in the Scriptures for ourselves. Since the Bible is, I discovered, a Hebrew Scripture, I'm still yet to learn to adjust my thinking in the Hebrew perspective in the line of the works and writings of Hebrew prophets. For example, political understanding of the book of Daniel, with that of Esther, Isaiah, visions of Joel and so forth. I'm not a Law student, but reading these Hebrew Scriptures, in English, I think there's more to the principles and 'revelations' of it all.

The Hebrew Scriptures encompass a center, such as the heart. Bible teaching is not something handed to us on a 'silver spoon and platter'. It must be sought with diversity of viewpoints, understanding and truths. And I think I should regard these teachers with profound praise; whose views are carefully traced, 'layerfully' opened for us from the History of Israel and its people. Until the center and core of the heart is honed in to our hearts.

Maybe you view the Bible as a pretty straightforward narrative: as to when it is written, who wrote it and why. The Bible, after all, is the story of a freed people of Israel from slavery, establishment of kingdoms Judah and Israel; rise and fall, violent deaths, God's deliverance and glorious victories of these people throughout history. And they are relating them to us.

I've said my piece. What say ye?

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AsADrivenLeaf wrote on March 31, 2015, 5:23 PM

There have been "deconstructing things", as well, outside Bible Seminaries and Universities. I'm sure that there are more ''VisionofHopes'' out there/here to speak up as you have. Being more experienced and knowledgeable, you have affirmed my thoughts on things. Thank you so much for adding more.