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Introduction for Canaday

I like to generally understand the world around me. I have been writing online since 2005. I have written for many online sites, but some times I do not like it. I am not interested enough to write about some of the stuff, but at least you can write what you like here. I used to major in political science and minor in American history, but I have tutored both in the past. I am interested in world history, law history, state and local history. I also like to study mythologies, conspiracy theories and religions. I like the sciences too. I can not find many people interested enough to talk about either. Hopefully if I write any of the stuff some one will read it.

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GrannyGee wrote on March 29, 2015, 5:22 PM

I hope you will write about what you know best ... give us a chance to read it. I would like to try it. :)