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Yes Escaping All

Yes Escaping All

Many People are leaving
by are noted is directed
have dropped we scrape out where the Fe
u master the settings of the work
it likewise Albania destroy us
how backward is the premeditate can not succeed
wean us all at the tribe everywhere
wean us whoever we
There is no day for who warned
this country that has worked with us today
When the votes years old make everything work
when winning the task
There by day for the people what difficulties there
every man is destroyed
in a foreign country under way for the Fe
If those states were thumbs
that the populace has the owners swear selves
mothers were more harm is done
when every day the boys are being removed
deserted them have bemoaned the EU can not succeed
The brush their already face with tears
Never croquette this curve
which has nowadays ppl do for themselves
People have guilt can not succeed either
that have something to free the house I
Albania as CART not DOFT
not even a real spit
this state has finish as nominator
there have picks for prime minister is know its
heart and soul poison us
you helmoft his life
not lasting peace that name
Prime Minister of Albania.
Ah Gurbet you to come the day
that all people stormed pot
I hope my mar already to life moves us
the force of spirit took us ages

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