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One Year of Bargello Needlepoint

I enjoy ; but mostly I am passionate about . Unlike traditional stitches that are worked diagonally across a single thread; most are worked either horizontally or vertically across two to eight canvas threads to form beautiful as well as intricate patterns.

A couple of years ago, I undertook a project to stitch a six-inch square sample of a different each day for 365 days. Beginning January first of that year, and each day through December 31st, I painstakingly stitched a unique for at least one-hour each day. The inspiration came from my personal library of . I’d like to share some of my favorite with you over the coming weeks and months.

This first design is a traditional that is worked over four canvas threads and up two each time a stitch is made. I chose three shades of turquoise silk to create a jewel effect.

Image Credit: PamperedPen, a picture of Day 1 of My Personal Bargello Needlepoint Challenge

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