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Odesk Offers Job Searches for a Fee

Say goodbye to premium jobs. I said premium jobs because Odesk is talking about doing job search for a fee this time and not just job search for free. What else could they offer for a fee? The premium ones of course. I don't know and don't care to elaborate what constitutes a job to belong to the premium classification because I'm gonna pass on it. I won't pay $10 a month for doing great searches. What's for me is for me. It's still a destiny issue for me through and through. Good things come to those who patiently wait and pray. It doesn't say good things come to those who religiously pay. Lol!

Elance's merging with Odesk I believe is one influence of this new policy. Elance was already a paid site before the merger while Odesk was for free. I still can say "is for free" until March 31. Therefore, members can still access all job offers without paying.

How about you? Are you gonna pay if this would be fully implemented?

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