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Get Out of My Face, and Take Your Cookies and Ads with You

Companies spying on me on the web is something I hate. Last week, I looked at an item to see if I wanted to buy it. A short time later, I got an email telling me I could still buy it. This burns me! I don’t want to shop online if a company is going to track everything I look at and spam me. Worse yet, I suspect they are creating a profile of my supposed interests. Not everything I look at interests me. Sometimes I look at things out of curiosity and decide they don’t interest me. Sometimes I look at things because I’m writing about them. Any profile would be misleading and probably get my hackles up for its content as well as its existence.

Personalized ads bother me. I don’t want to be flooded with ads for items I have looked at online. Usually, I have bought them if I wanted them and decided not to buy them if I didn’t. The ads won’t get me to buy anything but they do give me negative feelings about the companies using them.

My computer is already set to not allow cookies. It doesn’t seem to have any effect. I asked some friends who spend a lot of time online how to prevent this sort of spying. They came up with Ad Blocker which I tried immediately and so far does not seem to be working. They also suggested Do Not Track Me and browsing incognito. Does anyone know how to put a stop to unwanted privacy intrusions like this?

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GemOfAGirl wrote on June 10, 2014, 11:26 PM

Unfortunately, I think it's just part of the package of being able to explore the world via the internet. I hate that companies and the NSA are watching everything I do, and like you, I'm sure they're building up quite a dossier on me and what they assume that I like based on my browsing. I do my best to ignore the ads. The blocker software programs haven't worked for me, either.