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Boardwalk Empire Strikes Back

I recently started going to the library again after several decades of buying books at thrift stores, yard sales, and through the Internet. Occasionally, I would go to a Barnes and Noble or Borders bookstores over the years.

A friend suggested that I look for the HBO series, "Boardwalk Empire," a crime drama series set in Atlantic City, New Jersey during the Prohibition Era and directed by Martin Scorcese. It was based on historical crime boss Enoch "Nucky" Johnson.

Our small library had Season One and I checked it out two weeks ago, and watched the entire 12 episodes last weekend. Although I had a bit of trouble getting into it the first half of the season, by the end of the season, I was hooked. I returned the DVDs and placed the following four seasons on hold, awaiting the time they will come in. It seems to be a very popular series.

I was excited to read in my email this morning that Season Two was waiting for me!

Tonight, I settled in with a bit of dinner to watch the first few episodes, and found that the first disc (episodes 1 to 3) was damaged and unreadable; the second disc looked garbled. I did put in the third DVD to make sure it was not my player. It start to play and I shut if off, as I do not want to skip any of the episodes, trying to figure out what the heck has happened.

Needless to say, I am disappointed to not have it to watch this weekend. It would have been nicer if this Empire did not strike back.

Tomorrow, I shall take it back to the library. I hope that I will be first in line when another copy comes available.

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