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Attemped robbery while Female gamer livestreams

Most DOTA 2 (Also known as defence of the ancients) players love watching livestreamer sajadene crush the opponets with her teammates. However, on one day while a ordinary match was going on turned the wrong way when 2 armed men attempted a robbery on her house while she was livestreaming. On the livestream, viewers could hear yelling when Sajadene left her computer. Shortly after, a man armed with a gun appeared on camera then dissapears. All viewers then started blasting the web wondering what was going on and some brave and smart people becan trying to try and find out where Sajadene lived. After around 15 minutes, the armed men came into Sajadenes room then turned off everything. A man in Europe then managed to contact one of Sajadenes friends who then called the police which ender in the arrest in one of the armed men known as 27-year-old Edgardo Martinez.

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