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Best Console Ever

Nintendo is a company that is well known for creating unique games that will never be forgotten. They were the first to create a portable gaming system, known as Gameboy originally. But they are also known better than anything for their still popular classical systems. The original NES and SNES are talked about more than any of the other classic gaming systems. But one of the hardest systems to forget will always be the Nintendo 64(N64).

Even though Playstation and other brands are now more popular, you have to remember that it is the older console from a company that is still making new systems. Playstation One is the same thing. Playstation One is also an older console from a company that is still making new systems. How often do you hear someone still say they love Playstation One? I guarantee it isn’t as often as you hear someone say they still love Nintendo 64.

The first three Playstation One games were Agent Armstrong, Agile Warrior, and Agile Warrior F-111X. Nintendo 64’s first three games were Saikyo Habu Shogi, Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire, and Super Mario 64. Of the six games listed there the one that probably is most popular would be Super Mario 64. In fact, I have never even heard of the three from Playstation. Super Mario 64 is still extremely popular even today. I can’t think of a Playstation One game that is still popular today, much less one that is as popular as Nintendo 64’s third game ever made.

Nintendo 64 was also the first system to introduce four controller inputs and 4 player games. There was no extra equipment needed to play with up to four friends. Sure, Playstation has a way of playing with more than two people, but you have to buy extra equipment in order to do so. All you need to play with four people is just four controllers. This made the games more socially fun. Playstation only had two controllers, which made their games less enjoyable in groups when compared to Nintendo’s games.

Different colors made for better marketing. Different people like their merchandise to be different colors. Nintendo 64 had colorful cartridges, systems, and controllers that made them more appealing to the shopper. Think about it, there are people in this world who will buy an item just because of its color. Black and grey are not as appealing as bright colors like red and blue. In my view this was a genius addition.

These are the things that I think make the Nintendo 64 the best console ever. The durability added in with all this makes Nintendo 64 a 10 in my view. It is undoubtedly the best system considering what time it was made in. You can’t expect Nintendo 64 to be more popular than the newest systems because technology has been so well advanced, but the fact that it is the most popular of the systems made in that time period makes it worthy of the highest rating possible.

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wolfgirl569 wrote on March 18, 2015, 11:29 PM

I still play my nintendos on occasion. They are my preferred game systems