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Minecraft Review

In the past few years Minecraft has been every gamers addiction. It was an independent game with no major advertising, but in months made the creator a millionaire. How did this game become so popular? Why is it still popular? These are questions I will answer in this Minecraft review.

It’s been a while since I played Minecraft because now my internet really isn’t fast enough to run it without a lot of lag. But I used to play it nearly nonstop. In this review I plan to tell you the ups and downs of Minecraft. Why is it still so popular with so many people? Why has it gotten boring to others?

Minecraft was started as an independent game. There were no television commercials or major ads on websites. The popularity grew via YouTube, Facebook, and other social media. In a few months the creator had made millions off a game that many would think would go nowhere. But why did Minecraft go somewhere?

I think it is because of the perfect mixture of fun and challenge along with the option to turn off the challenge and allow it to be all fun. There was a survival mode, in which you had to learn how to get blocks and make pickaxes so you could get more. Once you had enough blocks it was time to build a shelter to keep out the creepers of the night. Then there was creative mode. No lives, worries about creepers, and really just a carefree world. The sky was the limit in this mode. Far as building goes, it was like having a huge Lego box with all the pieces nicely organized.

The free trial version of Minecraft also probably sold a lot of copies. It’s rare to be able to try a pc game before buying it, but Minecraft used this method to draw in new customers. The other thing that drew in customers was friends and multiplayer servers. Multiplayer servers allowed friends to socialize, build, and fight creepers together. This really brought the community together and brought in more and more players.

YouTube has to be the most thanked website for Minecraft advertising. The advertisements weren’t by the creators, but by the players. A lot of YouTube people still play Minecraft and showcase their accomplishments via their videos. Minecraft didn’t place any copyright nor did they try to stop people from uploading these videos. Why would they? It was basically free advertising.

Creating mods and texture packs was also allowed, which allowed users to customize the game to their liking. I think this brought in even more customers and made them stay. People love being able to modify a game because it’s so easy even someone with no programming knowledge can do it. As easy as Sims 2 was to modify, Minecraft was even easier.

But after a few months straight of playing, I got bored. It seemed I had built all the houses I could and really done all I could do with the game. I went back to playing Sims 2, where I could build things and play a story. I think Minecraft would be even better if there was a story mode to it. This added with the lag I now have because of slower internet made the game no longer worth playing.

But for those with high speed internet who are still playing, one of the reasons seems to be trying to top themselves. People keep trying to build something better than they have built before. This will draw people to the game for many years to come, as being competitive even with ourselves is in our blood. I don’t think we will be hearing about Minecraft 20 years from now. I believe that by then even the people trying to top themselves will have moved on to something else. But for the past few years and for years to come it will continue to be the addiction for many gamers.

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crowntower wrote on March 18, 2015, 2:48 PM

Is this the game with lots of blocks that you have to open and with numbers in side, and you have to use logic so will not get a bomb and blew the whole play? Hehehehe or it is like a ragnarok style... no idea about games. sorry. Thanks for the info in advance.

ohmisterwilson wrote on March 19, 2015, 12:50 AM

No, I'm not sure what game you are talking about. Minecraft is blocks but it's mostly building and trying to stay alive. Look it up on YouTube. There's lots of videos.