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WWE Raw Live

Friday night I went to see WWE Raw live at Jackson Coliseum. Seeing Raw live is way better than seeing it on the television. If you ever get the chance to see it live you should. I love going to see Raw live partially because of other spectators. I love seeing how others react and seeing who comes back to the next live event. This was my third time back and I recognized 5 faces from the times before. I am certain there were more that were returning viewers, it’s just those had stood out to me. I will be writing a series of blogs tonight telling about the action.

At an untelevised event the ring is usually smaller. This is done so that more people can get in to the show and the ring fit in the arena still. Last night’s show was sold out so they needed all the seating room they could get. This meant a smaller ring and I believe it was smaller than the one they had in November of last year. So if you see a smaller ring when you go to a live, untelevised event, don’t feel bad. They do that for a reason and there’s still enough room in the ring for a lot of action. Remember big things come in smaller packages.

My seats were above the floor. Although it would seem exciting to get a floor seat, I wouldn’t want one. Unless you get the front row seat, there is always a chance someone taller than you or someone with a sign is sitting in front of you. The other problem is the metal chairs. These are the most expensive seats in the house and yet they are the most uncomfortable. You will want to give a standing ovation after each match, not because you liked it but just to give your butt a break from the hard metal. I don’t see the excitement in the floor seating. I will stick to being one floor up.
You want to get to the show early. If you don’t you might end up finding your seat in the dark. Some wonder what they will do while they wait for the show to begin. Well, while outside I would suggest talking to others and finding out some favorite wrestlers. See if you can make friends. Advertise stuff to other people. I see 2 people have signed up whom I told about Redgage last night. It’s a good way to refer people. Once you’re in the arena there is usually some sort of promo on the screens. This time they had the Raw legends telling of their favorite moments.
Getting there early isn’t a drag like you would think. There’s plenty to do and you won’t end up looking for your seat in the dark.

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