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Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy is undoubtedly one of the best sports entertainment superstars out there. He might have had some problems with drugs, but we are going to put that aside. Everyone has flaws, but this is about what makes Jeff great. Some say that Jeff Hardy lost a lot of his important matches because he was too busy trying to showboat and gain fan popularity. Many say he is more of a showman than a wrestler. But honestly in sports entertainment that is what makes a superstar. Jeff’s entire goal is to entertain the fans as much as he possibly can and often he does regardless of the possible injury it could cause to his own body. He proves that he loves his fans more than he loves himself every time he jumps off a ladder. And I think it would be safe to say that Jeff isn’t a wrestler. He is an entertainer. And considering how much fame and greatness entertaining has gotten him I would say it’s a pretty good job that he does. Jeff is loved by fans all over the world. On Facebook there is a group called “Die Hard Jeff Hardy Fans.” There are hundreds of people in this group from all over the world. People in India go crazy over him and wish very much for him to make his way back to WWE so that they can watch him. The global fan base and excitement people show for him even when they can’t see him wrestle anymore is amazing. Jeff was given the story of a heel when he went to TNA, but it really wasn’t possible. Even though he was a heel there were still way more cheers from the fans and excitement for him that there was for really anyone else in the company. When Jeff Hardy came to TNA there were more people watching TNA just for him than there had ever been watching the show before. Even today there are people who don’t really like TNA but they will still tune in just to see Jeff. The excitement he brings is unbeatable. The greatest thing in entertainment would be for him to come back to WWE and bring some excitement to replace their current lack of talent. Jeff is currently wrestling in TNA and the main issue with that is that a lot of countries, like India, don’t get to see TNA. India is full of Jeff Hardy fans. Jeff has said that he likes TNA better because they have an easier schedule and I can’t blame him. He also enjoys his art and other recreational activities and when he was in WWE he never had time to do any of this. I just feel like if he’s not in WWE his career as a sports entertainer will soon come to an end.

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crowntower wrote on March 18, 2015, 9:03 AM

I don't want to break the fun but I guess drugs and being love himself less is not cool for this Jeff... I am not saying that you should not like him... but as a fan of him hope you all praying that he must also value his life more. and no one can love until he love himself first. You can't give something you never had. Loving health and loving life is the best that you can do first before you can experience more because if not you will be left empty.