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Never count 'em out!

Little League baseball is a rite of passage for many kids. My 10-year-old son was on a champion team for the past two years, but since several of our strongest players moved up to the "majors" this season, we were left with a really young (and really weak) team. Our coach had an interesting stategy. Seeing the cards he was dealt, he decided to let all of the kids just have fun. Every kid on the team was given a chance to pitch, and some of them were not good. Our team stunk. We lost every game except one. But in the playoffs, something happened. This group of Bad News Bears types came alive. We've won two playoff games so far and tomorrow night's game determines if we move on to the finals. Even if we don't win, these kids are proud and so am I. It just goes to show, never count 'em out! Believe me, the other teams are just as surprised as we are.

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