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Is there enough abstinence in the world with teenagers

All over the world we are seeing some changes with teenagers doing the right thing. For the last 10 years, there has been a decrease on pregnancies among the ages of 13-17 year old girls. Part of the reason for the decrease, is do to several type of programs aiming toward Third World Countries. It is not bad enough on the hardships in these countries, that also teenage girls are being abused for the simple reason of using these girls to get pregnant to boost the population for a purpose. Now in America and other regions, abstinence is decreasing teenage pregnancies based on religious programs that are blooming to make a point on what will happen to your life at age 15 being a mother. Teenage girls are not mature enough to become mothers. They are also to young for the responsibilities. Realistically your life will not be the same once you give birth to a child. Does teenage girls want to end there options during the teenage years to become a mother? It is so much of an impact and your life,if you are not ready . Then we hear horror stories in Africa where many teenage girls were imprisoned for no other reason, then to get pregnant. In some cases, teenage girls are being effected,because of their piers. And what they think, is that they want to be like their friends.Pier pressure is the worst part of growing up. The mindset in general, is based on the upbringing of a family life, that knows right from wrong. If you believe on growing up to get a good education,finding a job based on Merritt, then you will wait until its right to get married and have children. If youy have the will power to just say no, you will be better of in the long run, and you will be proud of making the right decision for your life.

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LeaPea2417 wrote on March 17, 2015, 10:34 AM

Thank goodness, I waited to have kids after I got married. I had one in my 20s and the other baby in my early 30s. Motherhood is such a big responsibility , a teenager is way too young to have a baby.

lookatdesktop wrote on March 24, 2015, 6:22 PM

The media and it's influence has a lot to do with it in America. As for reasons young girls age 13 and up get pregnant is two fold. They think they are in love and are told this by the usually older or adult male and the thought of living a better life, from perhaps one of poverty and the promise of a happier life with a male companion who insists on getting intimate under the false promises of marriage and a better life together, that being unrealistic may end up getting the girl pregnant and then the girl finds out that the older, adult boy friend has no intentions of staying committed but runs off with another girl or even an older woman and leaves the young girl with the burden of a child and forces her to work several part time jobs and have her parents look after her child while she works as she is unable to return to school. She loves her child but she is unwilling to have the child adopted into foster care. I say all this from my own experience. End result of early pregnancy for the girl is sad but still at that age a young girl may very well bond with the child and be lifelong companions. Often the child grows up thinking he or she was a mistake or an unwanted child and feeling this way can lead to much pain and emotional anguish.