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Being "Judgmental"

I like to read many posts on many social media sites,and I have noticed when there is a comment on how a writer posts an article, people are making a comment, and passing judgment on why that individual didn't know how to write an article. The purpoe of a post and a comment,is to be neutral on responding. To all people when you make a comment,the right way to post a comment,is to express a view to have it seem in a proper context in clarifying a criticism. If something doesn't seem right in that post, then express it in the way, to not reflect it as being negative.Remember we are all human, and humans make mistakes,and that is natural to do,but if someone comments and it seems very negative,then I have an issue with it. It's not like we never make a mistake,and if you are brought up to show respect and dignity, then if feedback is needed,don't condone that person. First, it is tasteless. It doesn't prove anything or to all,that a comment will have any weight to it. In many cultures and religions,and in respect to my own religion which is Judaism, when someone speaks about somebody that not is present to respond back, it is called La-Shona-Hurah. Not only is it inconsiderate,but it shows how individuals look about life in general. If comments are necessary,put it in proper content,and never degrade someone because of a mistake that was done. Be human about it,and if you want to criticize someone,do it the right way. To me if I see someone criticize someone or something, I separate it in a proper way,as good criticism. So if you don't like to be courteous in a comment,don't make it at all. The only thing it shows if they critique it in a wrong context,shows how little you are as a way to respect others,as you are no better then the person that responds unprofessionally. And if you have made an error,and it is because we are human,and just tell the person that there is an error,and please update it,as it isn't good to leave an article like that.

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valmnz wrote on March 17, 2015, 12:44 AM

I haven't seen such negative commen here on PP but I have definitely seen them on other sites. Some people are too quick to judge and should look at themselves first.

Last Edited: March 17, 2015, 12:44 AM

luisga814 wrote on March 17, 2015, 12:02 PM

As far as I observed since I joined here, I haven't read any negative comment. It is more inspirational to make the writer to his or her best.