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An Inability to Understand Love

I read in a book years ago that one of the symptoms of Asperger’s Syndrome(AS) was an inability to understand love. But who is to say that anyone truly has the ability to understand love? Love is a mysterious occurrence. And there are also different types of love. Love can come from anywhere; and it can appear in many forms. You might not even notice it at first, but eventually you will. But who is to say that anyone has the ability or inability to fully understand love?

I don’t have an intimate relationship because I choose not to. Many view that as I don’t understand how to make her happy. Well I have to be honest. She seems pretty happy to me, and unlike people in an intimate relationship we aren’t worried about if she will end up knocked up before we are ready. But is that the only kind of love? Is there not also love between brothers? Is there not also love between parent and child? And the most beautiful of all, can there be love between two friends?

There has been no definition of love here. The reason for that is because love can’t be defined by words alone. It is an amazing feeling, and just reading what it was would fail to compare with the actual feeling. Perhaps the symptom isn’t an inability to understand love. Perhaps it is the ability to see love in ways that others refuse to.

No one can see love for what it truly is. I know I don’t, so I’m not putting anyone else down, but I do know from the experience of feelings in my heart that love does not always have to mean an intimate relationship. People can have a strong bond with someone on this earth that is nearly unbreakable. Even though they are just friends, in their hearts is love for each other. Maybe not the same love that a man and woman feel in a relationship, but a love defined with the likes of compassion and trust for the other.

Some say that people with AS have an inability to understand love. But on the inside we feel it every day. We might not always show it in intimate ways, but that’s because we don’t always practice that form of love. The kind of love practiced by people with AS is usually the one defined by compassion and trust for the other person. So maybe I don’t understand love all the way; maybe I just have a separate view on what love is from the rest of the world, but who really has the right to say that I have an inability to understand love? In closing remember this: that love is not one person’s idea, but each individual’s thoughts and feelings toward another.

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