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Getting Adjusted to a New Place

Moving to a new place and getting adjusted to the surroundings and new people around are not that easy for everyone. Many people do get more excited and also nervous sometimes. Even i was a bit nervous on my first day of work. Meeting new people could be very exciting and interesting if those new people are of pleasing nature and at the same time if these new people are arrogant and rude, it might be a nightmare for sure. Life does give different types of experience every now and then and we have to accept it as a new challenge and solve it ourselves to the best of our ability. I was very nervous even when i entered my new college as there were many students gathered around to look into new students like us and some seniors were also in a ragging mood as things were very uneasy at that time. Some people are even very sensitive and cannot take much tensions of bad experience like these in life. I feel life is an experience and we all should welcome new days, new people with fresh energy without harming anyone, instead enjoying together. This is the way to life

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Porcospino wrote on March 23, 2015, 4:36 PM

I have lived in many different places, and I like moving. I find new places, people and challenges interesting. Sometimes I am nervous in the beginning, but I am also happy and I look forward to new experiences.