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Two Truths and One Lie - An Explanation

Wrote a posts about . Read how the challenge goes here and my two statements and one lie, . Read the answer here, .

I thought I'll go ahead and discuss further the story behind each truth and lie. Let me start with the lie.

3) I sport a mean nowadays.

I do not sport a mohawk not even a faux-hawk, not even close. I sport a bald do for the past five years and that is all that I will ever have unless I get to magically grow a mohawk. I blame my genes! LOL! I did want to sport a mohawk but it just wouldn't work out... like my relationship with women. It ain't you honey, its me! LOL!

Now onto the truths.

1) I was an intern for the local drug bureau here in our country.

I have always wanted to be in the field of . I'm a so in my last semester during our OJT period, when everyone else of my classmates were going to hospitals and clinics or in the Human Resource Deparmentts of companies, or even in the guidance offices of schools and universities I was the only one who went to the NBI (our country's version of the FBI), the justice department, and the army to check if I could get into forensic psychology. I wanted to do that as my practicum. I striked out on all but one regional superintendent suggested the local drug bureau. He wrote a recommendation letter and made a couple of calls. Soon enough I found myself administering psychological tests (I wish I was administering a beat down to these low-life scums instead!!! LOL!!!!) to rehabilitating drug junkies and the occasional drug dealer-user combo type of guy/girl.

That's that. As for statement 2, I'll leave that for another post.

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crowntower wrote on March 16, 2015, 2:04 AM

Lol! I am so right in my answers. Never want to have the same job that you have it makes me feel a little creepy talking to the drugs users and dealers, their minds are crooked and only wants money and feed their flesh.