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The Weekend Is Here!

It's still Friday, but it's pretty much the weekend for me. My writing assignments are finished, I have been off babysitting duty for hours and this is my last blog post for the night.

Babysitting went well today. The kids had their moments, but they were fine today. I grabbed some higher paying assignments and buckled down on my work, so I finished my assignments around 10pm (give or take, I don't know the exact time). I took an extra assignment and finished that about 10:26pm. My cut-off alarm went off at 10:30pm. Oh, and I went over my usual quota today and met my weekly quota. I wrote out most of my posts for here and Bubblews last night, and actually remembered to post them during the day. So I am pretty happy to have had such a productive writing day. :)

I haven't done much else today though. I babysat and surfed the 'net, but it's okay. I didn't feel like doing much else today anyways.

I am not going to be blogging much tomorrow, if I post anything at all. I am going to my niece's birthday party at my cousins' house. While they do have WiFi and I'll probably bring my tablet, I am going to be spending most -if not all- of the party offline. I am hoping the weather is nice enough to go outside a bit. It has been nice all week, but I have no idea how much of the snow has melted in their yard or the nearby park. Sooo, we'll see what happens lol.

Oh and the SummerSlam tickets officially go on sale tomorrow. We couldn't grab any during the two presales, but they only release a certain amount of tickets during the presales. We have the regular sale tomorrow and if all else fails, StubHub (which I have used before)...but we are NOT missing SummerSlam in NY this August. There are rumors that SummerSlam may be headed back to LA in the summer of 2016, so this may be my only shot to go.

I plan on doing a whole bunch of nothing on Sunday haha. :p

Anyways, I think I have rambled on enough, and I want to go grab something to eat anyways lol. You all have a good night (or day) and a great weekend ahead, and take care! :)

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allen0187 wrote on March 14, 2015, 12:24 AM

Make a post when you score those SummerSlam tickets! If I can, I'd definitely watch that ppv live as well as Royal Rumble and of course, WrestleMania.

crowntower wrote on March 14, 2015, 2:19 AM

Hope you have a lot of photo from your niece's birthday party. I wish I could enjoy class and work when I was at your age. I really love my high school days, nothing much, but we have a cool group of friends who loves to talk under the sun, but those days are gone.

ViperGirl85 wrote on March 15, 2015, 10:45 PM

Oh we got the tickets, but I'm going to make an actual post on it sometime this week. :D My family can watch on the WWE Network; I have my login stuff on the 'fridge for anyone who wants to use it. :)

ViperGirl85 wrote on March 15, 2015, 10:46 PM

Thank you, but I think there may be a misunderstanding. I'm not in high school. I'm 30 years old lol. When I say assignments, I am referring to my work-from-home stuff. I am a freelance writer and a babysitter. But thank you again for the comment!