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A wake up call

I had a horrible weekend for various reasons which I will no doubt go in to on another post at some point but it sparked my depression and insecurity in a massive way and I started pushing away the man I love.

I was actually horrible. I was snappy, difficult and didn't express any love at all. I pushed and pushed because I expected him to walk away and when he did appear distant I really started to panic. On Tuesday I was convinced it was over and even called a cab and went over to his house because I felt so scared and lost.

We did manage to talk and just being together helped but it has actually been a massive wake up call for me. I had my heart broken last year and ended up having a break down but the past is in the past. I need to leave it there or it is going to keep hurting me and hurting my future as well. I know I will have ups and downs with my mental illness but I have to try and not push Brad away because he will get fed up, and he will walk and I would be devastated!

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WordChazer wrote on March 12, 2015, 2:30 PM

He may be one of those who puts up with you no matter what, and is always there when he recognises the signs, assuring you that he WILL be there and WON'T walk away. If so, he's a big time keeper. Good luck, hope it all works out and you get your guy and your support all rolled into one.

Colibry21 wrote on April 1, 2015, 9:04 PM

I really hope things work out for you guys. It's not always easy.