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Elijah is why I’m here…

The recent death of 3 year old Elijah Marsh affected me with the greatest sense of despair and mournfulness, a scarce feeling but not unfamiliar. For a number of years now I’ve personally been drawn to tragic stories concerning children (most likely the father in me). Elijah’s tragic story knocked something loose in me, hence the reason you’re reading this post now. I’m not sure if I can accurately convey this connection via this post and that scares me. It scares me because I do not want to make this horrible story about me, but only to highlight my emphatic affinity towards the situation. Two years ago I lost a family member close to Elijah’s age. The pain you feel when a child is lost, simply cannot be described narratively or verbally and I imagine I will not do that today. This family member’s death was also sudden, tragic and it too, took me into a part of my brain I seldom travel. As of late, I haven’t put much effort into examining interests that are not of a self-absorbed nature. I’ve consumed myself with myself and have thoroughly enjoyed my company, with little regard for others. My family member’s death first highlighted this fact and it manifested itself in the form of uncontrollable tears and obsessively staring at her picture on her funeral program. That was the only picture I had of her, the only one. Time moved on and my digression into selflessness eventually did to0. Until I read the incredibly heart wrenching story of Elijah Marsh. I have no connection to Elijah or his family and only wish to respectfully send my condolences for their lost. His story, like my family member, inspired me to write this article, write in general and more importantly, be less involved with own personal bubble. For this fact, I humbly thank them both. What form this new found attitude will take, we shall see. Rest well….Elijah Marsh

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LeaPea2417 wrote on December 13, 2015, 1:40 PM

I have not heard this story. It is very sad. I hate it when young children die. It is just so unjust and unfair.