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President Obama Visits The Philippines - Blast From The Past

Unless you were living under a rock or you simply did't care, you'd know that US President Obama visited the Philippines not long ago. April 2014 to be exact, around that time. His itinerary was the usual but I only checked it out because i didn't want to be stuck in traffic. Traffic is a common occurrence here in Manila and we certainly do not need the President of the Most Powerful Country in the World to add to it. We Filipinos can create a traffic gridlock on our own! LOL!

Much of the talk was about the economy and security in the region. Analysts were saying that this move by the US was a preemptive strike on North Korea and China. North Korea was flexing its nuclear muscles at that time. Can't the US send Dennis Rodman again and settle this matter in the basketball court?

As for China, it was bullying other Asian countries with false territorial claims. The US is an ally that we can count on when push comes to shove.

I was not kidding myself, the US Presidential visit was not a social call nor was it an act out of the kindness of their hearts. They were and still are looking after their own interests. My take on this, let's accept the help as we do need it but at the same time, let's also develop on our own and be ready to be self sufficient. That goes for a lot of areas, economically, financially, in defending our sovereignty and territories.

On another note, protesters were given the freedom to say their piece. They didn't propose any alternatives at that time. Instead, they rehashing old issues and old slogans. Ho-hum!

To end this in a light note, the state dinner was a food porn have. They served lobster kilawin carpaccio , baby sprouts and fiddle fern with calamansi jam, seafood stew with river prawns, scallops and smoked mussels, and sweet banana in rich tomato and coriander sauce.

They also served lapu-lapu (its a fish), prime rib in 'inasal' sauce, and coconut lychee ice cream. Plus, there was the usual fashion show by the VIPs invited to the dinner.

Quick question to the PP community, would you consider these dishes part of food porn haven? What dishes do you think of when you hear the word 'food porn'? Plus, if you were a President or Prime Minister visiting a country, what foods would you expect to be served to you during the state dinner?


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