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An Idiosyncratic Vacation Destination

I first took an interest in Fremont, a neighborhood in Seattle, because of the Fremont Troll . Have you seen him? He’s a monster -sculpture under the Aurora Bridge. The local arts council commissioned the troll’s creation, apparently because there had long been troll legends in the area, an offshoot of Scandinavian heritage. The troll they chose is crushing a VW bug.

While reading about the troll, I found out some other unusual things about this place, including its motto: “De Libertas Quirkas.” It means “Freedom to be Peculiar.” They’re not kidding about this. They decided the Center of the Universe is in Fremont and posted signage to “substantiate” their claim. The King County Council even signed a proclamation verifying this status. The proclamation starts, “ Whereas , Fremont is a State of Mind, not a foreign nation but an ImagiNation based on the freedom to dream…,” so you can figure where the document might go from there, and that’s not into the realm of hardcore facts.

Who needs facts when you have abundant imagination? Fremont built its own space program. It consists of a lone Cold War era rocket, but, hey, that’s more than most neighborhoods have.

It sounds like an artsy place, full of energy, and one I wouldn’t mind visiting.

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