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How to do get rid of conflict in the world

Although many parts of the world have come along tremendously in modern times, there is still great unrest in the world. Great conflict still leads the way, for even the most advanced societies on earth. Through different philosophies and ideals, man and woman has tried to find resolutions and solutions for the great conflicts in the world.

We aim to find a way to an end of great conflict, without taking much notice of it's beginnings. So where does conflict begin? Does it begin in the world? Or does it begin in ourselves? It seems opposing ideas do create conflict. Different gods, different philosophies and different ideas all help to create conflict. So as a way of destroying the conflict in the world, we create new ideals and philosophies which only adds to the conflict pulling man and women further away from each other.

Some intellectual people believe control to be the only way to destroy conflict in the world. But this will never work as it is not truely in mans nature to be controlled, and as a lion in a zoo can be peaceful its tempremant soon changes when some man or woman jumps into that cage. Was man in conflict in the beginning of time? Or was his natural state at peace? If so it would lead to believe that it is the thoughts and ideals man and woman create that creates conflict. Leading to believe that thoughts are dangerous things which create conflict.

Would Hitler have been so dangerous without the thoughts and imaginations of certain acedemics of the day? I believe not. So are we to not think? Or are we to think, but in a much more natural state of being? Relying on our own natural thoughts, rather than the thoughts and beliefs of idealist through out history.

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sarosh wrote on March 8, 2015, 1:11 PM

People are restless and have become selfish today and they only think about their own good things taking less interest in others and it is all because of these selfish acts and thinkings world is filled with these bad people