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Health and Illness; A very thin line between them!

Healthy this minute and the next, a fever has caught up with me. How on earth does this really happen? I had a very hellish encounter yesterday. One I would never wish my worst enemy. Two days ago, that's on Wednesday, I was hale and hearty but something devilish and unusual happened to me the next morning-being yesterday. I couldn't move my body, as my body felt like it was being roasted over a pot of hot charcoal. My symptoms were basically headache, fever, body aches, weakness and dizziness. Fortunately for me, my lectures for that morning was cancelled so I get to sleep in for few more hours. I struggled and got up to where I bought some painkilling drugs which I took. I went to the hospital and blood test was ran for me. This included a test for Hepatitis B and C, Malaria and typhoid. So many thought ran through my mind, or should I say head. Fortunately and unfortunately, I got malaria(++). Wow! That's much considering I went through the same ordeal last two months and I took malaria drugs. Right now, am receiving treatment, which included an anti-malaria I'm injection, an antibiotic, ibuprofen and B-complex. Am really getting better when compared to yesterday. I really thank God. Well, am still perplexed with the little time I went from being a healty chap to a sick patient. Its really baffling that there isn't much of a thick lin between health and sickness but I believe we need to make the line thick between this dichotomy.

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Kungfu123 wrote on March 6, 2015, 10:12 PM

Hope you will recover soon. Good health is the most important.