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can't believe i'm talking about shopping again...

after i just wrote about using discount cards and shopping (read about it here, ).

anyway, i signed up for a number of online shopping sites here in my country. although i want to try out new restaurants, bars, gadgets, massage and spa services, and what not, i do my best looking for discounts that's why i signed up with these online shopping sites. i can definitely see the value in signing up for these sites because of the big discounts that they offer. of course, the downside is that they have terms and conditions that one needs to abide by like calling three days in advance for a reservation or forfeiting the voucher after it has lapsed its validity date.

anyway, so i decided to purchase lower-priced item firsts to test these online shopping sites. i bought a voucher for discounted entrance fees for a mini-zoo that i gave to my friend whose daughter is my god daughter. that panned out great as she had a grand time at 'kinder zoo'. the deal was for the discounted price for the entrance fee for two people and and payment for four activities. after applying the discount, my friend only ended up paying for their entrance fee and the four activities that they did turned out free. that was my first deal and it definitely was a good one.

for the second and third deals, i got vouchers for items from a different online shopping site. the second deal that i got was for a pair of snore stoppers which i bought for my folks (insert jokes here. lol!). the site said one can pick up the items for a certain period of time and then after the specified dates, the items will be delivered free of charge as long as it is within the city and not in the province. i had planned to pick up the items myself but because of my busy schedule, the date passed and i ended up waiting for it to be delivered. first problem came up... the delivery was very late and i had to email the company twice to follow it up. their first response was a canned message while their second one was a link to a form that one needs to fill up to follow-up with them. duh?!!! anyway, after two weeks, the item was delivered and i was charged a delivery fee. duh?!! i thought delivery was free of charge? guess i thought wrong. sheeesh! although the delivery fee was minimal, it left a very bad impression. as for the items, it seemed to be working so no more complaints from me. i still have a third deal that has yet to be completed because there aren't enough purchases made for the deal to push through. however, i have been charged already so i've emailed the company to inquire when they'll be crediting back the fee that they charged me since the deal did not push through because it lacked the required number of buyers. no response yet from them. *sigh* anyway, i'll still avail of these items and services since i do get big discounts. i'll just make sure to read the disclaimers of each deal so i don't get the short end of it.

so my fellow PPers, have you signed up for similar online shopping sites? how were your experiences so far? please share both good and bad experiences. what pointers will you share with others so that the the experience is positive and these deals are maximized?

feel free to chime in folks! cheers !!!

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cheri wrote on March 6, 2015, 6:25 AM

I have never done online shopping. I prefer shopping at the store and see the items for myself.

crowntower wrote on March 6, 2015, 7:37 AM

Well at least you have money to spend for shopping. Hehehehe. That is good for you. God bless and God bless for your online business. and Have a great day.

BodieMor wrote on March 6, 2015, 12:00 PM

Last year a friend recommended Amazon Prime to me, which has proved to be of great value. Now I first check Amazon for whatever I have interest in buying. If they have what I want in Prime, it arrives in two days - free shipping. I also get free reading and free watching of TV shows and recent movies. I think the initial payment was $90, but that was paid for within a month by Prime benefits... So, yeah - I shop online, lol

MommyCharm wrote on March 6, 2015, 9:10 PM

I used to be a fan of online shopping until I have ordered a defective item online. It was actually a book (WEB Griffin) which has missing pages! Not just one nor two but up to forty pages! I tried to contact the seller (from ebay) but he no longer responded to my messages so I just left him a negative feedback instead.
So for now, I have ceased from ordering stuff online.