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When One Leaves...

Happiness comes from the deepest feeling of someone to his partner. We choose it; we handle it but sometimes, we fail to do it. Most of the times, people neither think without act nor act without think. Likewise, we do love unconditionally, for no reasons nor goals. After all, glitches appear that we cannot even find a key to overcome it.

A weak person commonly drives in the golden track without knowing the straight trail. Even though he really doesn’t love someone, he still continues it for fame and prominence. On the other hand, a strong person is one who used to knuckle under someone; he let someone go and pretend that he is okay. He knows how to sacrifice his own glee or delight; he normally sets person to be free not to hurt but to care for someone’s hilarity.

Love can make you do things you never thought possible. Everyone can relate his life when love has been talked about. Some of them are so sweet, sour, bitter, heavy and many other feelings. We cannot even deny the fact that people can be invigorated by love. Forever or lifetime: what’s true about loving and being loved in return?

Isn’t it a big deal when someone replied Thank You when you just said I Love You? And that the fortitude and will of the man is not much appreciated by the woman he really cares. After all, the man still waits for the woman, shows her unconditional love and loyalty.

“If he truly loves you, he can wait for you even it takes a lifetime.” Women are so sentimental and they tend to treasure someone. A boy’s presence and care plays a big bearing to a woman. But then, everyone doesn’t consider consequences, and when one leaves, what will you feel? When one leaves…. Will it hurt you so much? When one leaves…. Can you wake up and face another morning and sunshine? And that when one leaves… will you still love a person after the pain?

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Elren wrote on March 4, 2015, 5:32 AM

It's a weakness of mine actually. I don't like people leaving. Though the opposites also true for me. It's just too sad.

cheri wrote on March 4, 2015, 5:46 AM

Its a part of life. When someone comes, we cannot help others leaving. Its a part of life and we have to be strong for it.

FreedomWriter wrote on March 4, 2015, 8:37 AM

Yes ma'am. Maybe that's how people live, they will come and leave you; they will come back and leave you again. Everyone must be ready for it.

FreedomWriter wrote on March 4, 2015, 8:39 AM

Yes. I also don't like people leaving. Maybe, we all have the same answer when one leaves.... Whether we like it or not, we should be very storng to face the consequences.