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Seeing the Forest through the trees

Sometimes it is hard to see the big picture and it is a very enlightening fact to get perspective. Sometimes all we need is someone else's view on things and that can be a big help for our own lives. We often make problems so big but sometimes I find watching a movie to relax and get another person's story I start to realize that this is a big world with many problems and many possibilities. My friend recently said on facebook that attitude is the difference between adventure and ordeal. Thats it my friends. If we are calm and patient then life usually work's out dandy. I know this probably won't help much if you are in the midst of your gigantic problem, but just keep on and just know the only thing you have to do is cary on. Our minds will always get the best of us and that is unfortunate, but if we are constantly aware of this self-analytical fact then maybe we can start to form new pathways for the neurons to travel, healthier and happier pathways. This life is about who you affect and cause some change in their lives. So reach for that person, who helps and care's and in the mean time you will be self-medicating yourself. The worlds problems aren't solved with some blue pills, so find that human x-gene in yourselves and give it boost. You need to constantly be aware of this fact and I am pretty sure you will all feel some benefit towards this undertaking.

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roxy7699 wrote on March 3, 2015, 5:00 PM

A great motivational piece, it is true you have to find the calm in all situations.

LeaPea2417 wrote on December 13, 2015, 7:26 PM

I hope you come back here to persona paper so I can read your posts and interact with them.