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End Of February Animal Alert

February has been spay and neuter awareness month in the United States. It might have drifted into other countries, however I cannot state that for sure. The end of February animal alert is coming to a close in America. This means that one final mention about pet care can be mentioned.

As important as it is to choose the right pet for the family, it is just as important for the animal in this selection. It could very easily mean the complete health and longevity of the dog, particularly, when choosing a pet for a family.

Specific breeds require regular stimulation. This can mean a yard to investigate, a lengthy walk several times a day or hygiene needs. There are many things to consider before bringing a dog into the forever home. The American Kennel Association can greatly assist a person to choose the right pet for that person. Veterinarians and assistants will tell anyone the breed to choose for a person or a family.

Age of the animal that is being considered to add to the family should also be a concentration. Not everyone should have an energetic puppy in the home to train. Bringing in a pet and then discarding it can be a lifetime sorrow for family members and sometimes pets too. When a dog is adopted and then returned to the original shelter or temporary holding place, they might have missed the REAL forever home in that process.

Really think and research before adopting a dog or cat into your heart and house. Even though end of February animal alert is ending, the need to spay, neuter and save animals from death is everyone's responsibility. Animals cannot think about the unwanted offspring they produce, so humans have to step up to do that preventive thinking to save those lives.

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GemstonePink wrote on February 28, 2015, 11:15 AM

Adopting any pet should not be taken lightly. The more research done, the better. Keeps folks from returning a pet to a shelter.