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Is Chopper evil?

I never thought much about crime in Australia really. Not until I read the book Chopper anyway, that was when I realized what Australian crime was all about. Chopper for those who don't know was a well known Australian criminal. His picture was always in the paper, with stories of his recent crimes. It would seem the media loved him and lapped him up, which probably was the reason for his fame later on in life.

Chopper got so famous after writing his first book, a hit movie was made about his life. Born with a seventh adventist mum, and a crazy dad who loved guns and never slept without one. Mark Brandon 'Chopper' Read was put in to a mental institution by his mum in his early teens, and he was to suffer severe abuse of all kinds here. He was bullied at school very badly, and physically attacked almost daily.

Chopper first started impressing people with the amount of pain he could take, when he got older he impressed with his passion for extreme violence towards his enemies. One of his many sayings is "don't ask for mercy from a man who has been shown none", I think that just about sums him up.

Is Chopper a killer? yes self confessed. On his last interview on his death bed he owned up to four murders, but many believe this was a lie. Chopper was well known for telling lies and spinning truths, usually to munipulate a situation in his own favour. Is he evil? Now here is the big question. Many will say yes, because he has killed another human being, there is nothing as bad as that. Others will justify Choppers murders, as they were not against normal people. Chopper killed and tortured drug dealers for there money, that was his game. He also killed someone in prison who had harmed a child, some people will glorify him for this.

On the question of whether he is evil, i'll let you decide. One thing is for sure Chopper was a psychopath, he didn't suffer with emotions as a normal person would. to violence, yet charismatic and clever. There wasn't many who wanted to go up against Chopper Read in his day.

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GemstonePink wrote on February 27, 2015, 4:43 PM

This is the first I have heard of this guy. A new evil. Sounds like a monster. One sick puppy for sure!

cheri wrote on February 28, 2015, 5:05 AM

I do not know much about Australia but I am watching the Australian Boarder in Crime and Investigation channel. Other than that, I don't know anymore.