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Dog Hot Weather Tips

With summer upon us I thought I'd share some hot weather safety tips for dogs. I'm sure you may know some of these, but if not I hope I can be of some help. First off, never, ever leave a dog in a car when it is hot, even when it is warm it can get to hot inside the car. Leaving a window open a crack usually isn't enough. It doesn't take long for the car to heat up to a temperature that can kill you dog. This seems like common sense, but even with education all the time people still do this.

Always make sure your dog has fresh cool water at all times. If your dog has to be outside then make sure he has access to a nice shaded area.

You need to educate yourself on the signs that your dog is over heating, such as excessive panting, drooling, respiratory distress, and lethargy. Keep your dog in a cool room as much as possible, especially if they are a breed that has a flat face.

If your dog has a long or thick coat get them a summer cut do reduce the amount of fur. This will help keep them cooler.

Avoid exercising your dog in hot temperatures and especially avoid heat soaking areas, such as asphalt.

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