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Disappointed to a client friend.

Through social media sites like Facebook, people all over the world manage to connect with each others. I have this high school friend whom I don't see often due to work, who buzzed me on Facebook and inquired something. Since I am into baking now and posting some of my creations on a Facebook page that I made, we were able to have a conversation through Facebook messenger. She was inquiring about some cake that will be for her upcoming wedding since she was recently engaged to her boyfriend. She sent some photos of some of wedding cakes that she is choosing for and inquiring about how much will it worth. I told her that it will be defends on the cake that she will choose. The wedding will be on September but they wanted it to prepare early to avoid cramming. She wanted to taste the moist chocolate cake that I used to bake and chiffon one so she ordered one cake for each. As the day came, I used to confirmed to her if her orders will push through and said yes. She even told me that it should be ready before lunch by Sunday. Sunday came and done with the cakes on time to avoid delay and bad impression to client even though she is a high school friend. Time came and sent her a message that it is ready for pick up and replied and she was just on her way to our town from the metro. Hours passed yet no message from her which made me decided to text her again but still no reply as Sunday gone. Monday came wherein I got a text message from her that she will pick it up on Tuesday. Tuesday ended yet no show up so I text her if she will still pick it up or not so I could decide what to do with the cake and avoid to get it wasted. Wednesday came but still no response from her so we decided to just eat the cake. I felt irritated and angry at first since cakes used to be done with labor of love but in the end, i realized that it will be her lost not mine and now I know that she not a good person to deal with.

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crowntower wrote on February 27, 2015, 6:27 AM

Ouchhh!!! That is so irritating. I hate dealing with people like her, and mark her already in my list of people whom I don't want to mingle or hang out. Because it is a waste. This comment might be a little harsh but believe me, those kind of people will never bother to get a little conscience what wrong they have done. But I am not the type of person who hold grudges, but I am not also a type of person who can easily fooled again. God bless. Be wise in getting clients. But anyway it is one way for you to grow and mature, because in the future the more you expand your business the more you will also exposed to some irritating clients. But most important thing is you know how to deal with them. There are clients who are pain in the neck, but if you find the right button some of them are the best to work with, but except for a unethical client.

iwrite28 wrote on April 30, 2015, 10:52 PM

Ever too often when work and friendships are mixed, it turns out bad.