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Play "The Name Game!"

I was listening to classic oldies the other day, and memories flooded back when I heard the 1964 hit song by Shirley Ellis. Young and old loved "The Name Game."

As kids, we became pros at playing "The Name Game."

I do think I still know how to play! You just take anyone's name and follow the rhyming pattern the song teaches.

1. Josh! Josh, Josh bo Bosh Bonana fanna fo fosh Fee fy mo mosh, Josh!

2. Katie! Katie, Katie bo Batie Bonana fanna fo Fatie Fee fy mo matie, Katie!

3. Tim! Tim, Tim bo Bim Bonana fanna fo Fim Fee fy mo mim, Jim!

Well, that was fun.

Note: One has to be careful using certain names due to the fact that you will be happily singing along and a swear word comes out of your mouth. You will get in big trouble if you do not use name caution. I think Shirley forgot about that little glitch in the song.

To learn how to play "The Name Game," just click right here !

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JohnRoberts wrote on February 26, 2015, 10:53 AM

A trip down memory. I haven't thought of this song in forever and remember hearing it a billion times on oldies but goodies stations.