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Winter Wonderland

Every day, I try to get out of the house and go for a brisk walk. These days, with temperatures below freezing, it can be a little difficult. Walking, that is. Everything is frozen. Most people tried, at the beginning of winter, to keep their sidewalks clear. But, as the snow kept coming and coming, it's become almost impossible. It's enough work to keep the driveway and front walks clear, so many of the sidewalks have disappeared under the mountains of snow. Therefore, I have to walk in the street.

Thankfully, during daytime hours, there isn't much traffic coming through my neighborhood. I say that because, as I mentioned earlier, our neighborhood streets are one sheet of ice. Thankfully, my boots have good traction so I'm not slipping and sliding the way a lot of cars have been doing.

I hope your neighborhood is safe for walking!

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