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Movie Review: The Last Kung Fu Monk

A Kung Fu Monk named Lee takes custody of a boy named Michael after Michael's parents die in a car accident. Michael's father wa s Lee's brother. Social Services has been caring for Michael since Michael's parents died. The movie begins with Lee's arrival from China. Lee explains to a Social Worker named Sarah that he taught kung fu in the Shaolin Temple in China.

Sarah finds out that Lee cannot cook and cannot wash clothes. He cannot even take Michael to school. She is told to stay with Lee and Michael f or one more week and teach Lee what he needs to know.

Lee's friend, Dave, wants to open a school to teach Kung Fu. Lee and Dave will be business partners. But Lee does not know that Dave is in trouble.

The relationship between Sarah and Lee starts after Sarah watches Lee stop two criminals who are being chased by two police men.

The growing relationship between Lee and Michael and the growing relationship between Lee and Sarah are a part of the movie, but there is much more. This movie packs a punch. It delivers a satisfying climax.

The best performance was given by the actress who played Sarah. The acting of the others was average. Though I admit that the em otional life of monks is very private because they are taught self discipline at an early age. I was actually happy to learn that this movie is not an imitation of the Karate Kid movie. Michael never shows any interest in kung fu except for the kung fu movies on TV.

I enjoyed this movie very much. It does contain a lot of violence. I think kids will love the action and adults will like the st ory as well as the action. I recommend this movie to all who like martial arts movies.

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