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Mystery Freezer Meals Project Update

Author's Request To Those Who Have Used Puff Pastry: I have some in my freezer fro Australia that I need to use soon. This picture from Pixabay is a meat pie using such puff pastry (not like a pie dough, which I know how to use). Can someone help me with a recipe?

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For those who have been following my "Mystery Freezer Meals Project" that I started last month, you know that it has been a struggle for me in many ways, as I am trying to get past some habits that are decades old.

I am happy to report that I now know exactly what I have in the freezer. It is still full and I do not have to make any purchases for quite some time, but everything I have is recognizable.

I opened the last "mystery" container last night--a "must go" soup I made in September with raw sauerkraut, bits of smoked sausage, ham, and beef, a can of tomatoes, and other vegetables. It tasted like my cabbage rolls in soup form. I gave RGD the other container on Saturday as part of the meals package I put together for him. When I originally made it, I also supplied my daughter with many servings, packaged individually, as she is now single and living alone.

I have photos now and wish that I had taken the "before" shots. I still have hope that others will take me up on my recipe challenge and read through the freezer list article, as well. I need some new ideas. I will share the photos later, along with my updated freezer and pantry lists. (Articles are found by following the hyperlinks.)

For today, I am thawing one of the small packages of chowder base (fresh clams, bacon, onion, celery) I made up last summer, and an additional container of clam liquor. I will cook them together and add potatoes.

I wish so many of you lived local to me. I would cook for us all to share.

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JeanC wrote on February 17, 2015, 2:31 PM

I do need to go thru my freezers and get on the ball with my own freezer challenge. Need to combine it with a pantry challenge and with luck get things organized and some tasty meals cooked.

CoralLevang wrote on February 17, 2015, 2:44 PM

JeanC Thanks for your comment. What I call my freezer challenge is certainly also a pantry challenge. emoticon :smile:
Perhaps we can encourage one another and share recipes.

MegL wrote on February 17, 2015, 4:22 PM

Puff pastry does well for pies if you want. You can also use it for making sausage rolls, makes them nice and flaky. I looked at your freezer challenge but I don't think my level of cooking is up to yours!

CoralLevang wrote on February 17, 2015, 4:44 PM

MegL I just need easy. I don't use many recipes; I simply throw "sh**" together. Any help you can give, would be much appreciated.
So, I could use the puff pastry as I would any pie recipe? If I do what I wrote about in my last piece about the turkey stew, I could use it for a top crust? What about a bottom crust in a pie?

MegL wrote on February 17, 2015, 5:55 PM

I have used it as bottom crust but that was a long time ago. There are commercial bakeries selling meat ( or chicken) pies made entirely with puff pastry. There is an interesting recipe using puff pastry in your frying pan! It is on the BBC web site and I am not always sure if that is available outside the UK. The frying pan needs to be oven proof. Basically, it gets you to fry some vegetables in the frying pan, then you arrange the pastry on top, tucking it well down the sides, brush with egg and put the frying pan in the oven for 20 mins. Drain any juice, put a plate on top and flip! I thought that was very innovative.

CoralLevang wrote on February 17, 2015, 6:05 PM

That sounds yummy! I could try that in my cast iron skillet. Thank you!

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seren3 wrote on February 17, 2015, 10:12 PM

Oh I would be coming over! With my 77 yr old homeless friend...never mind. I am thawing 2 Cornish Hens that have been frozen way too long. For the visit of my homeless friend. Who cooked so many meals for me when he had a home and stove.

CoralLevang wrote on February 18, 2015, 12:21 AM

Well, I'm glad that you did not come over tonight. Though we ate it, I burned the bottom of the pot. And the food inside the pot was not the best anyway.

crowntower wrote on February 18, 2015, 11:10 AM

You got a lot of food inside your fridge. Our fridge are full with left over food, chocolates, bananas, powder milk (oh-yes! Lol!) , and raw fish and meat. We don't stock vegetables because there is a small market near our house hehehehe we buy there when we need to cook it.

CoralLevang wrote on February 18, 2015, 11:18 AM

Yes, which is why I am trying to scale it down. It's a throwback to what my mother used to do and having come from a large family. It's only one of me.