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When I got my new computer, we tried to avoid Windows 8. I say tried because it was almost inevitable. My main complaint with this version of Windows is that they tried so hard to make it compatible with tablets which makes things weird on an actual PC. Because of that, I've not really explored things are quickly or deeply as I normally would.

Yesterday I started playing with the Photo Editor that comes with Windows 8. It was surprisingly easy to use. Each option had a knob that allowed you to go from 100 to -100. That change was shown in real time in your picture. It also has some pretty nifty tools like a straightening option as well as Color Enhance which allows you to turn up or down the intensity of any color in the picture. Which is what I did in the picture for this article.

Inspired by the new-found knowledge, I started playing with my phone's camera as well. There's even more options to play with there. Just a bit ago, I took some really lovely pictures with some new filters that I think will eventually make their way to PP. I sent one to Will while he was at work; I can't wait til I can see what he thinks of it.

I guess the lesson for today is to try new things and let those new things inspire you.

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BarbRad wrote on February 15, 2015, 6:21 PM

I will wait for Windows 10 and hope that will inspire me. It will drop some of the unpopular features of Windows 8, and I'll keep with Windows 7 until then. I don't like Windows 8 at all.