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Technician needs to be updated too…

I love android phones, I’m also a fan of customizing and developing, and I think it’s one of my hobbies.

Okay, I have three android phones, two of them are Samsung and the other one is only a local brand. All of them are rooted. But due to my self-experiments, one my Samsung is now in a DEADBOOT state. I researched all about how to fix it and all of my research ended up bringing it to a Cellphone repair shop.

*DEADBOOT – the phone is literally dead, cannot be turned on and cannot be detected when connected to computer. No signs. ;(

Here in our town, I can tell; there are 4-5 Cellphone repair shops, but unfortunately, not to be conceit, I can also tell that they are also not capable or not updated in how to repair new generation of phones. I observed their tools and most of them are can be called old-school tools.

One of the tech hesitantly told me, after he check, that it’s only the flex is broken or the problem but when I respond about the DEADBOOT, he’ll just turn the topic to the other ‘can be’ problems of my phone. So I leave all of the shops with scratching my head.

I decided to go to the city. There, instantly the techs diagnosed the phone as DEADBOOT. Though I was shocked ‘bout the repair fee, I wanted my phone to be alive again. :D

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cheri wrote on July 6, 2015, 10:12 PM

That is right. If you are a technician and it is your job, you have to be updated always and always.