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How Responsible Are You?

There is an old aged connotation that when life hands you any edible fruit, then you should go ahead and make a juice out of it, and share with the rest of the world. Any little but positive thing that life hands you, should be used to the wellbeing of the general society.

I know after reading my previous post, God Has Blessed You So That You Can Become A Blessing To Other People you may be wondering why I sound like a communist. No, I am not a communist and do believe that everyone has a right and privileges to enjoy whatever he or she has worked hard to achieve, without necessarily being pushed to share with others.

My point is that human beings are social beings. Life is always worth living because of that next person. We need to be able to stand up for those who are unable to stand up for themselves. In fact, we should always offer unlimited support to our neighbors who may be in dire need. The biggest motivation in life should always be being able to stand up and support our neighbors who may be challenged in one way or the other

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