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BMI - BodyMass Index

Before Christmas my BMI was close to 25. Now my BMI is close to 28. I want to have a BMI below 25 in order to have a normal weight. However, it means I have to lose at least 8 kilos. I have started riding on my exercise bike, but I know that it is going to be very hard to lose all those kilos. The hardest thing is to get rid of my potbelly. I have also started to live very healthy. My wife and I have started to eat salat for supper. The salat usually consists of meat pieces, pasta, peas, corn, grated carrot, nuts and other things. It is hard for me to eat nothing but salat, because I am very fond of food. However, I do my best.

(BodyMass Index is a number that indicates if you are too heavy or are too thin or have a normal weight -

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