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Drive Me Crazy Day

Its a "drive me crazy" day for me today. I drove MJ to school then went home, only to be reminded that I had to pick up AC's once lost now found book. I drove to Palmridge to do just that then drove home to help AC with her assignment. I then drove to SALIS to pick MJ up. As soon as we got home it was already time to drive AC to school. I drove home again and had a few hours of writing time while watching Megamind with MJ. Soon it was time to pick AC up from Palmridge again. She insisted we stop by ALL DAY convenience store to buy some chips and feed a stray cat there she now calls "Camouflage." After that we went to Puregold to buy some toiletries and meds. Finally we drove home, had dinner. I found the time to cook vegetable soup. Soon we studied for AC's long quiz tomorrow. One weird thing was while we were studying I found a hard bug in my hair. I plucked it out and threw it to the ground. I wondered what it was, so I caught it and put it in a see through container. What a weird weird day.

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Ellis wrote on February 10, 2015, 10:08 AM

I'm gonna start a petition to free the Puregold