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How to Market Your Freelance Business

Although freelance writing jobs are relatively numerous, new freelance writers still need the benefit of a marketing plan to boost their business. One of the misconceptions about freelance writing is that it can be done with no effort at marketing whatsoever. While it may be possible to get work without spending a lot of time thinking about marketing strategies, such plans can only improve your performance as an online writer.

Take a look at the following suggestions for setting up a marketing plan for a freelance writer.

Set Marketing Goals

The goals of a marketing plan for a freelance writer can include increasing hits to a website, improving page views for content or even elevating your status as an online contributor. All of these objectives can have an eventual impact on your income which is the overall goal for any entrepreneur.

Have a Budget and a Time Line in Mind

When you set up a marketing plan it is important to know how much you are willing to spend to get it off the ground. There are lots of ways to bootstrap your marketing so even a small budget can go a long way to achieving your goals. You should also think about how long you would want to carry out these tactics before you stop to assess the results. It is best to leave enough time to get measurable registered performance but not so long that it becomes pointless to change the direction of your plan.

Devise Tactics to Achieve Established Goals

There are several ways to get your freelancing business noticed both online and off. You can use social networking platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to market your website and articles. You can create a blog to link your content and generate more page views or your can also craft pay per click as using Google Adsense or Facebook Ads to get your services in front of those likely to use them.

Assess Performance

When you set up any marketing campaign it is essential to check on your strategies to make sure they are achieving the results they were set up to achieve. If they are not working you can always make changes or tweak your program according to what your results say.

As a freelance writer you may be able to do very little marketing and land a few jobs, but to really maximize your income potential it is best to go the extra mile to get your name and your business some recognition in your niche.

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UK_Writer wrote on February 10, 2015, 12:46 PM

It's important to get your name out there, so you get noticed, but it's also very daunting and one can feel "not good enough" :)

luisga814 wrote on February 11, 2015, 12:36 AM

You have to establish your good name first online before marketing your business. They must believe that you are reliable first.