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Post Ideas For Business Bloggers

Starting and maintaining a blog for your business is not the easiest thing you could do. Many bloggers see blogging as a full time job so to undertake a blog as part of your marketing strategy for your mainstream business is ambitious to say the least. Many business bloggers eventually hit a snag when they start blogging because they find that they have run out of ideas for blog posts.

Instead of reducing your blog frequency drastically to make up for your creative spurts, you could brainstorm some post titles using the following tips as your guide.

Highlight Products and Services

If your blog is supposed to market or promote your mainstream business, naturally your posts should be centered on your products and services. You can dedicate an entire post to one product or an aspect of a product or service.

Answer Frequently Asked Questions

Many business owners have questions that customers ask them repeatedly. This is so common that most business owners draft a list of these questions along with their answers and post them on their websites. Each of these questions can actually be expanded into an entire post by asking a few additional questions such as what, when, where and why.

Showcase Customer Reviews

Satisfied customers are great blog material. You can interview your proud customers for others to see just how the used your product and why they liked it so much. It might take a little effort to arrange this interview but it will definitely be worth it in the end.

Talk About Industry Developments

A business blog should also take the focus to the industry as a whole. If there are major or even minor developments or changes in your industry, then you can use your blog to explore them. You may be able to link to external experts for support but you should try to put your own spin on the developments and how they affect your operations.

Look at How Current Events Affect Your Industry

Alternatively, events that occur outside of your industry may have a trickle down effect on your business. This kind of information is highly valuable to blog readers because it uses current events and puts them into a framework that shows people how they might be affected.

Coming up with post ideas for your business blog may be challenging at first, but when you set up a system for coming up with new ideas and keeping a list of ideas ready at all times, you will see that new ideas will come all the time.

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Nar2Reviews wrote on February 9, 2015, 10:15 AM

Some good ideas here. I think whilst customer reviews could be showcased, tech is moving so fast these days, video feedback is probably faster and more convenient.

nbaquero wrote on February 9, 2015, 4:21 PM

nataliajones I find your posts very infromative and very much in line with my own interests. Thanks for sharing this information.