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When we are kids (part 2)

I'm often amazed at the thinking of children. But aren't we forgetting that we we've ever been. Why have we given up all these dreams, desires, ideas, why every thing that we imagined as small, now looks stupid? Well, what if it isn't? Children's ideas are sometimes ingenious, they think so simple without prejudices of grownups, without their internal barriers that are placed.

Now we are grown and we see that we can't this or that, that an action is difficult to us, that our decisions have consequences and if we don't take the right path, we will regret it. We think too much, do too little. We gave up the life of the good things, we have a negative view of the world, the limitations of the lack of opportunities, we're all sorts of excuses not to do one thing or another action.

Do we stop for a moment to review our life, to ask whether the barriers we have created are not counterfeit. What better than to break the chain, to do something outside the box, out of the usual track, to dive into the adventure, which can lead to dangerous places, but to completely change our lives in a way that will inspire us, will make us happy, will revive us. Don't we need exactly that?

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Coffee wrote on February 26, 2015, 3:06 AM

Oh I miss those days of carefree, wild mayhem!
Not having to think about the consequences - just living for the moment.