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How to Promote a New Blog

Starting a new blog is as easy as signing up through a free blog hosting service like Wordpress or Blogger and then typing up some content and hitting the ‘publish’ button. This is however, not all there is to successful blogging. There are tons of new blogs being published daily, which is a testament to just how easy it is to get one out there, but only a few make it blog stardom.

While starting a blog is easy, it is much more difficult to get a new blog off the ground because of the proliferation of blogs on the internet and also because blogging success takes a lot of concentrated and persistent effort.

If you know that celebrity status is in your blog’s future but you just haven’t figured out how to make it happen, take a look the following tips.

• Be Loyal to Your Posting Schedule

Successful bloggers stick to a posting rhythm. Readers and subscribers like to know when to expect new content. If you prove that you regularly post on certain days it keeps them coming back for more, which is just the kind of reaction you would hope to get.

• Network with Other Bloggers

Blogging is often described as a solitary business, but it really shouldn’t be. Sure you’re not physically in anyone’s presence, but successful bloggers make an effort to connect with like-minded folk. These relationships take time to develop but they can mature into mutually beneficial alliances as the popularity of your blog and others in your network grows.

• Advertize Your Blog Using Social Media Marketing

Twitter, Facebook, Linked In and MySpace are all great ways to get the word out on your blog. Automated feeds can be set up to update your status on your profiles when you create a new post, but you need to be wary of becoming an autobot. The success of social media marketing declines the less you are perceived as a real human being.

• Compose Totally Amazing Content

It can be hard to predict what will go viral, especially if you are blogging within a small niche. However, there is no excuse for poor content. Your subject area must have been chosen because you have a great interest in and knowledge of the surrounding topics, so share your surplus of information with your hungry readers (even if they are more imaginary in the beginning). You should try to think of what would appeal to your ideal reader and then go about making it as interesting and as viral as possible. Include video or pictures to pump up the depth of your content and add more layers of interest.

• Take the Time to Guest Post on Other Blogs

Finally, guest posting is a fantastic way to get recognized. If you can land a guest posting gig on an ultra popular blog within your niche then chances are you’ve got it made, but it may be more realistic to approach slightly less famous blogs that can still offer you a ton of traffic simply because you are more likely to be given the time of day.

Getting a new blog off the ground can seem like it takes forever, this is why patience is a key ingredient in this delicate gestation stage.

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MommyCharm wrote on February 6, 2015, 3:22 AM

These are very helpful. Until now, I am still trying to get more viewers to my not-so-new blog and the two tricks that helps a lot was sharing my posts in different social media sites and being acquaintance/friends with other bloggers too!

LindaCPearson wrote on February 6, 2015, 9:33 AM

These are really great tips. I have always wanted to write a blog and even started one once but never followed through. I will have to try it again soon and revisit this post!