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Introduction for AJ-L.

Hello! I am AJ, a freelance writer from the Philippines. I also came from Bubblews and is sorely disappointed with how the website is run. We know the story. Hope this site will be tons better! I've been into reading and writing since I was a kid. I literally finished a 1000+ page book with tiny tiny letters - and no pictures - when I was just 10. Yeah, it was weird. Though I did not understand much of what it was saying it was still fun. Since then I developed a habit of taking home some books from the library and reading them on my own before going to bed. I also started grabbing some random notebooks and write whatever I fancied. I am now a senior college student who tries to support herself by doing some freelance writing works. I enjoy the flexibility and creativity involved with the projects, but one pet peeve is it's getting difficult for Filipino writers to get decent-paying gigs. I mean, some clients pay $1 per 500-word article! AND the biggest annoyance of all is my fellow Filipino writers accept that sort of rate! Well, I hope to someday provide writing projects to my fellow Pinoys that will rightfully compensate their talents and hard work. So that's it for now! Thank you. emoticon :smile:

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allen0187 wrote on February 5, 2015, 12:43 AM

Welcome to the site AJ. Glad to see another writer from the Philippines here in Persona Paper. I'm sure you will find your niche here and you'll do well.

LeaPea2417 wrote on December 13, 2015, 8:49 PM

Hi, it is nice to meet you on here. I hope to read and interact with the posts that you will write in the future here.