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Restoration of Death Penalty? - Part II

This is a follow-up article of my poll entitled “Restoration of Death Penalty?”.

As of this posting, the poll has already 20 votes in which 15 are “in favor” for the restoration of death penalty in the Philippines while 5 are “not in favor”.

According to, 58 countries including the United States, Japan, China, Singapore, and India, death penalty is permitted. But every year, more and more countries are abolishing death penalty as capital punishment which now totaled to 140.

In the Philippines, Senator Vicente Sotto III filed a bill on February of this year to revive death penalty law that allows lethal injection as a means of execution.

The House of Representatives already approved a bill restoring death penalty for drug traffickers but it is yet to be acted by the Senate.

The Congress and the Senate need to approve the bill to restore death penalty as capital punishment.

But as usual, the Roman Catholic Church is opposing the revival of death penalty because it is unhuman and unchristian.

Let’s just hope that the Philippine Congress and Senate will use their conscience with the issue of reviving death penalty for heinous crimes as capital punishment.


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