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Earn Money Writing For Persona Paper

For those of you quitting Bubblews, I highly recommend Persona Paper, it is fun and they pay you to comment on other people’s posts and the big plus is their rates have increased lately. This site has been around for about nine months now, so it is quite established and I am hearing nothing but good about it, so it might be a good choice to add to those baskets where you keep your back up earning eggs. To find out more follow this link - Persona Paper. In the interest of full disclosure, this is my referral link. I am not however, in the habit of referring people to sites I don’t believe in.

I was a member of Bubblews for about five minutes before referring about two or three people, but when I caught a sniff of trouble and this was around the same time I published my first posts. This was long before I even got my first redeem; I made a vow not to refer anyone else until the negativity died down and that site got it’s act together, unfortunately it never happened. That Site is finished; so if you are after somewhere to post your old Bubblews articles (I would rework them first, Google does not like duplicate content) and you want to build residual income with evergreen articles, I highly recommend this site and this is based on feedback from other users and professional writers like myself, so why don't you have a butcher's look (Aussie slang LOL, can't help it) The name of this site if you missed it the first time is Persona Paper.

See ya's round like a rissole!


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