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Movie Review: The Adventures of Food Boy

This movie begins with a high school junior named Ezra who wants to run for class president. But he does not have a platform to run on and he has stiff competition from a beautiful popular blonde hair girl and the current class president. He wants this because he wants leadership skills added to his list of attributes for college. But nobody takes him seriously.

Ezra wants his life to be memorable and extraordinary. But he does not know that he has a gift; albeit, an unwelcome gift that gets him into a lot of trouble. It all starts one day when he discovers that his hands smell like peanut butter. He gets peanut butter all over his face. More and more peanut butter appears on his hands.

And it does not end there. One day his uncontrollable gift ends up with his hand creating pastrami, mustard and bread all over the rest room sinks and floor. The mustard ended up all over the the restroom walls and all over himself. He is disqualified from the class president elections and suspended for two days.

He runs home wherein his grandmother asks him if he experienced food exploding out of his hands.

The movie 'The Adventures of Food Boy' is a fun filled fantasy that is suitable for the whole family. Lucas Gabreel stars as Ezra. The acting is okay and the movie held our attention from beginning to end. There were a lot of comical parts. Ezra gets into trouble over and over again due to an inherited gift he never wanted: He is able to create food. I recommend this movie for all ages although parental guidance might be required.

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arthurchappell wrote on January 30, 2015, 5:44 AM

sounds an interesting premise - everyone fearing and wanting him at the same time